Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies with confidence

While many other exchanges make markets on their own platform, which creates major conflicts of interest, we believe in a fair and transparent trading environment and will never trade against you.

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Regulatory Confidence

Choose the exchange that's working with regulators and not against them. We work with regulators to ensure our customers can focus on what matters... trading crypto.

  • Nasdaq Listed
  • MAS* licensing exemption
  • FCA registered custodian
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified
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Onramp Confidence

Depositing and managing your funds shouldn't be something a trader has to worry about.

  • Multiple USD banking partners
  • Full fungibility into USDC
  • Maintain positions in USD and trade as if you held USDC
  • Buy crypto with USD
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Product Confidence

We don't need to trade against you to make money, which means our focus is 100% on providing you with world-leading products.

  • Spot and Derivatives
  • Isolated Margin
  • Rewards for trading and staking with EQO

• Cross Collateral

EQONEX Brings Digital Assets to the World

The EQONEX Group provides access to crypto and digital assets for institutions and individuals at any level. EQONEX is built for the long term, focusing on regulation, reputation, governance, oversight, security and fairness. The EQONEX ecosystem approach and our Nasdaq listing have been executed to mitigate risks. We will not compromise on regulatory risk, reputational risk, or security risk.

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Best Practice

EQONEX does not make markets on its own exchange (does not trade against its own customers).

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All exchange participants have equal visibility of the orderbook.

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Acting as a regulator: implementing fair markets and removing participants engaging in wash trading, manipulation, spoofing and self matching.

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Investor Protection

All assets listed pass through a listing committee assessing security, technology, decentralization, utility and reputation of the founding team.

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Equitable liquidation process provides the best available prices to avoid auto-deleveraging of open interest derivative trades.

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EQO (the EQONEX exchange token) offers staking rewards and competitive fee tier reductions, which makes EQONEX a highly compelling hedging venue.

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