EQONEX Ambassador Program

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Get rewarded to tell the world about the first Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange

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As we continue to expand our product suite, we are looking for passionate and talented leaders to join the movement and help scale the EQONEX ecosystem. Subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Program:

The Program started on Saturday, May 1st, 2021, 00:00 UTC until further notice (“Program Period”),

Rewards and Benefits

As an EQONEX ambassador, you will represent our exchange, have first-hand access to shaping our strategy, and help bring digital assets to the world. 


  • High rewards in EQO Token (EQO)
  • Official title and recognition on EQONEX’s channels
  • Full briefings on official releases and exclusive news
  • Networking opportunities with EQONEX Group members, partners, and other ambassadors
  • Swag, Invitations to webinars and industry events, and more
  • Training and mentoring opportunities with leaders in the crypto space

Learn more in our EQONEX Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions.

Who should become an ambassador?

As an EQONEX ambassador, you will represent the first Nasdaq-listed company with its own native token.

You can become an EQONEX ambassador if you are an:

  • Existing Community leader: Someone with an already existing user-base or community and the capability to promote EQONEX within your group/community.
  • Experts: Speakers, bloggers, and highly experienced people within the technology and crypto industry, especially in trading.
  • Marketers & Content creators: A creative mind that loves building content and has out-of-the-box ideas. If you are not crypto-savvy but are willing to learn and have a keen interest, you can still reach out to us.
  • Students & Academia: Students who are researching the blockchain space and want to be part of a major movement in the future.
  • Influencers: Community managers, experts, traders, marketers, and global/regional/local crypto influencers.

What it takes to become an EQONEX Ambassador

Taking up a leading role as an EQONEX ambassador is an exceptional opportunity. Our program is very competitive and we are accepting top talent only. Below, we have highlighted some of the criteria we are looking for.

1/ Hands-on knowledge about crypto markets and the blockchain space.

2/ Background in community management, are a proven influencer, or marketing service provider.

3/ Extensive understanding and genuine enthusiasm for EQONEX.

4/ Highly motivated and connected within cryptocurrency or mainstream marketing spheres.

5/ Exemplary talent and impeccable communication skills.

What is expected of an Ambassador?

As an ambassador, you must attend the onboarding training sessions and read as much as you can about EQONEX so that you develop a deep understanding of our exchange. Then, you must build and grow your community: It can be a local Meetup group, a Telegram community, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn group, a Subreddit, a student group, and more—Get creative! Come up with cool ideas on how to drive excitement around EQONEX. You can choose some of the ideas we already have, complete monthly challenges, or come up with new suggestions!

Some other tasks include: 

  • Sponsoring or running pitch nights
  • Running office hours
  • Building video tutorials
  • Translating an EQONEX post or article
  • Collaborating with local groups, startup incubators, and university groups to co-host events
  • Inviting local speakers and hosting interview sessions
  • Inviting professors or hosting sessions within a University
  • Discussing blockchain & crypto trends and running thought leadership events

 To apply, email us at [email protected] or click the button below.

We look forward to hearing how you plan on bringing digital assets to your community with EQONEX.

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