Cross Collateralization

Coming soon

EQO will form part of the assets that qualify as collateral on EQONEX for derivatives, futures, and borrowing.


Airdrops you actually want

Starting November 2021 and until the end of March 2022, everyone with at least 1,000 EQO will qualify for an airdrop every time EQONEX lists a new coin.

Holders of 2,500 EQO will get $50 worth of every coin we list, with several metaverse and GameFi coins all due to land on the exchange before March 2022.


No Withdrawal Fees

From October 15, all crypto withdrawals will be free for everyone with 500 or more EQO.

We are also reducing the withdrawal fee for everyone who holds between one and 499 EQO.

Only EQO holders will benefit from this new utility.


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