Trade with Institution Grade Security

Trade with Institution Grade Security

Security and compliance is built into our DNA

One of the hardest parts about investing in cryptocurrencies is whether you can trust the custodian with your funds. Traditional fiat investing often entails a visit to your local bank, where you can meet a real human and hand over physical cash, if needed. With cryptocurrencies, however, you’re buying and selling digital currency. Your wallet is entirely based in the cloud. And while your cryptocurrency exchange may have your best interests at heart, they’re often subjected to relentless cyber-attacks to siphon off users’ funds. 

Crypto thefts often make news headlines because of the large amount of funds stolen and the sophistication of the cyber attack. But not all exchanges are created equal. On this page, we’ll discuss the security protocols at place in EQONEX and why you can trust us with your coins.

Our exchange is built with a focus on Transparency and Compliance

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (also known as ISO27001) is a globally recognized standard for Information Security Management Systems. 

This certification is not easy to obtain. It is only awarded to companies and organizations that showcase a commitment to adhering to stringent information security standards. ISO27001 aims to ensure that internal processes are designed to protect, preserve and track how data across the organization is used. EQONEX was awarded the ISO27001 after an exhaustive audit of internal systems, policies, and processes, becoming the the first US-listed crypto company to achieve this certification.

As a NASDAQ-listed company, EQONEX has regulation, reputation, governance, oversight, security and fairness built into its DNA. We’re required to maintain the highest standards of corporate risk mitigation, which means we will not compromise on regulatory risk, reputational risk, or security risk under any circumstances.

Your funds are secured by a world-class security vault

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a government body in the UK that’s responsible for all financial services regulation in the country. EQONEX is wholly compliant with FCA regulation, which means it abides by rules that increase market integrity, promote customers’ interests, and  works towards instilling trust in the financial system. The FCA closely monitors both internal structures at a firm as well as key office holders and includes institutions such as banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, stock brokerages, credit unions, and cryptocurrency exchanges under its purview. 

Digivault, which is the secure digital asset custody business of EQONEX, was the first stand-alone digital asset custodian to receive approval from the FCA to register as a custodian wallet provider. This is testament to the industry-leading standards that both Digivault and EQONEX abide by, giving confidence to all those who transact on EQONEX that they do so on a trusted and secure platform.

Digivault powers the security architecture of EQONEX. It was built to meet the exacting custodianship requirements of digital asset providers and thereby operates with the highest industry security standards, such as the FIPS140-2 validated hardware security module. Digivault’s solution is Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and penetration tested to CREST standards of certification.

Digivault’s features include Kelvin — its deep cold storage solution, and Helios — its hot wallet provider. Both Kelvin and Helios offer multi-layer security, safe transaction processes, and fast withdrawals. Digivault also uses a unique enhanced certificate standard for communicating public keys and a full backup/recovery system.

Additionally, Digivault also provides automated deposit and withdrawal monitoring, a crime insurance policy, and digital address certificate verification so users have confidence when transacting through EQONEX.

EQONEX also uses BitGo, the full-service digital asset platform, for additional security purposes. BitGo is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, one of the most stringent security certifications in the world, and displays our commitment to helping our users get a world-class experience on our platform.

Security is our priority at every stage

As part of our ongoing security monitoring and compliance testing, we rely on NCC Group’s assessment & advisory services to keep ahead of emerging threats, accurate vulnerability identification, and risk profiling. The NCC Group, global experts in cyber security and risk mitigation, is an independent US-based entity that works with institutional clients across the world to safeguard their systems, protect their data, and surpass customer expectations.

Yes, our KYC requirements are stringent. We understand that there’s personal data at stake and maintaining our customers’ trust is one of our foremost priorities. All KYC data we collect is end-to-end encrypted, meaning it is 100% safe in the extremely unlikely event of a data breach.

We invite independent penetration testers to hunt for vulnerabilities. In fact, we incentivize it. We believe a bug bounty program is a valuable tool in our security arsenal and will help us achieve our mission of providing a trusted, safe, and secure crypto trading platform.