September Referral Bonus

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Win $100 in EQO for every friend you invite to EQONEX this September

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In celebration of the EQO-D airdrop coming this September, we are giving away a hefty referral bonus when you invite friends to trade on EQONEX.

For the entire month of September:

Win $100 in EQO for every successful referral that reaches KYC level 3 and trades a minimum of $1,000 volume.

Double your entire September referral bonus if any of your referees receive the EQO-D airdrop.

Do you know someone who would enjoy EQONEX's suite of trading products? Send them your referral link.

For example:

You refer three friends to EQONEX in September who generate $1,000 in trading volume each. Your September referral bonus will be $300 in EQO.

If one of your three friends receives the EQO-D airdrop, you get to double your entire referral winnings and receive $600 in EQO.

*For your referees to qualify for the EQO-D airdrop, they need to have at least 1,000 EQO before Monday, September 20th at 00:00 UTC. 

EQO-D can help amplify trades and will convert to USDC at buyback. Learn more about EQO-D.

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Learn more in the September Referral Bonus Terms and Conditions.

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