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The EQONEX Exchange is now permanently closed 

14 September 2022


To our EQONEX customers,

The EQONEX Exchange has now closed permanently. You can read our press release announcement to learn more about our strategic priorities moving forward.  

Digivault, our digital asset custody business, Asset Management, and OTC trading continue to operate as normal. 

We thank you for your business. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What will happen to my EQONEX Exchange account? 

The EQONEX exchange was closed at 8.00AM UTC on September 14, 2022, and is no longer operational.   

Customers that have yet to withdraw their assets from the exchange should contact [email protected] 

Please be assured that we will remove customer records from our compliance database in accordance with our data retention policy. For more information, please may refer to the EQONEX Global Privacy Policy

Why did EQONEX close the exchange? 

EQONEX is streamlining to focus on its Asset Management and Custody businesses. You can read our press release announcement to learn more about EQONEX’s strategic priorities moving forward. 


I am an EQONEX Exchange customer and missed the withdrawal deadline. How do I access my account assets now the exchange is closed? 

We will communicate with impacted customers directly, or you may contact [email protected] 

Please be assured, your assets remain securely held on your behalf.   


What will happen to my EQO token? 

The EQO token, being an exchange-only utility token, has now ceased trading on the EQONEX exchange but is available for withdrawal.  


For further information, please contact [email protected]