Why trade on EQONEX?

Innovation based on experience

Elevate your trading experience with highly innovative trading features created by leading crypto traders. You can manage Spot and Futures from one account, use a range of different assets to leverage your trades through cross collateralization, isolate margin with Sub Accounts, get daily staking rewards, and much more.


Supercharge your trades with EQO

EQO (the EQONEX exchange token) enhances your trading with tantalizing airdrops, competitive fee tier reductions, and staking rewards which makes EQONEX a highly compelling hedging venue.


Trusted and Regulated

Choose the exchange that works with regulators and will not trade against you. Regulators ensure our customers can focus on what matters: Trading crypto.

Nasdaq Listed

MAS* licensing exemption

FCA approved custodian

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified


Get the latest crypto news and trade with confidence

The crypto world never sleeps, and keeping up with the latest trends is difficult. But you can stay on top with our daily Bitcoin deep-dive by Matt Blom.

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How To Start Trading Crypto
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1 - Create your account

Click Sign Up and enter your email address.

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2 - Submit your documents

As a fully regulated digital assets exchange, we follow strict KYC guidelines to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

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3 - Deposit your funds

Once your profile is verified, it’s quick and easy to deposit crypto and fiat to start trading immediately.

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