What is EQO?

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The first token backed by a Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency ecosystem. You trade EQO like any other cryptocurrency, and holders receive a wide range of benefits. Trade EQO Now.

  • Discounted trading fees 
  • Free crypto withdrawals
  • Regular airdrops
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See how much you can save on trading fees with the EQO Token
Your 30-day trading volume


EQO Token Balance
Spot Taker Fee (%)
Annualized Fee Saved (USD)

Perpetual & Dated Futures Taker Fee (%)
Annualized Fee Saved (USD)
Disclaimer: This calculater is for indicative purposes and only represents an estimate of rewards and benefits.


Trading Fees

Holding EQO tokens on EQONEX entitles clients to discounted trading fees based on their token balance. Depending on the amount, clients will receive a fee tier upgrade.

  • 10,000 EQO +1 tier
  • 50,000 EQO +2 tier
  • 100,000 EQO +3 tier
  • 500,000 EQO +4 tier

Earn EQO by trading and staking

Earn EQO by trading

Every time you trade on the EQONEX Exchange, you will earn more EQO.

Your daily trading volume


Daily average trading volume: 
Daily allocation:
1,152.94 EQO
Daily rewards
Disclaimer: This calculator is for indicative purposes and only represents an estimate of rewards and benefits.

Other benefits of holding EQO 

No Withdrawal Fees

From October 15, all crypto withdrawals will be free for everyone with 500 or more EQO.

We are also reducing the withdrawal fee for everyone who holds between one and 499 EQO.

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EQONEX continually adds new benefits to EQO. Our latest airdrop gives holders of 1,000 EQO $10 worth of every new coin we list.

Holders of 2,500 EQO will get $50 worth of every coin we list, with several metaverse and GameFi coins planned for 2022.


Cross Collateralization

EQO will form part of the assets that qualify as collateral on EQONEX for derivatives and futures.