Don't miss out on the EQO Dollars Airdrop

Sept 20 - Oct 29

How does the EQO-D Airdrop work?

EQO-D is the first of many Airdrops for EQO Holders. The more EQO you buy the more EQO-D you get. You can use your new tokens to experience our new Cross Collateral function and have a chance to win $50,000 of BTC in our trading competition.

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1/ Create an account

Join EQONEX, the Nasdaq listed crypto Exchange

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2/ Buy the EQO token

EQO is the EQONEX native token, and it has many trading benefits, such as staking rewards and competitive fee tier reductions.

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3/ Receive your EQO-D

For every 1,000 EQO you hold, you will be given 100 EQO Dollars. Starting Sept 20. (1 EQO-D = 1 USDC)

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4/ Start Trading

Experience Cross Collateral and perpetuals trading with your EQO-D.

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5/ Competition

Every EQO-D holder is eligible for our up-coming competition and the chance to win $50,000 of BTC shared between 10 winners. Start Sept 21 - End Oct 29

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6/ Buyback

At the end of the competition you will be able to redeem USDC in exchange of your EQO-D.

Join the Competition

Start trading with your EQO-D and get a chance to be one of the 10 winners with a shared prize pool of $50,000 of BTC.


What are EQO Dollars for?

Your Collateral Kick-start

Each EQO Dollar is the equivalent of 1 USDC of collateral when used for trading Perpetuals on EQONEX, allowing holders to take larger, longer, or more frequent positions.

Referral incentives

Holders of more than 5,000 EQO Dollars can gift some to eligible EQONEX traders and receive incentives in return. 

USDC Buyback

EQO Dollars holders will be eligible for a Liquidity Boost from the “EQO Dollars Pool,” based on their total EQO-D holding. By holding larger amounts of EQO, clients can increase their USDC buyback from the redemption pool.

EQO Background

Don't miss out on your allocation of EQO Dollars

EQO-D Whitepaper

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